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You know America is a great country, with great people, massive diversity, where the vast majority of us get along. But there are forces in this country, political and others, that seek to divide us. This idea that America is systemically racist is a big lie. The purpose of the flag in the National Anthem, is to unite the country. The people who attack it don’t seek to unite the country.

Let’s go through history very quickly in the minutes that I have left: We had a civil war that began in 1861. Over eight hundred thousand casualties. That would be the equivalent today of
over eight million casualties, and over half of those were soldiers and others fighting for the North to keep the Union together and to end slavery. No nation on the face of the earth has ever undertaken such an effort.

In 1863 we have the Emancipation Proclamation, President Lincoln freeing the slaves. Throughout the country particularly the South we had, in 1865 the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery. The states ratified the 13th amendment. We had the Civil Rights Act of 1866, the Enforcement Act of 1870, the Force Act of 1871, all intended to advance the cause of integration… He continues with the list.


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