Tucker Carlson is Not Happy With Republicans Right Now (Understatement)

On his Friday show Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson responded to the current mob violence that is currently sweeping our nation. Naturally he condemned the perpetrators, but he hen went on to excoriate the Republicans for not putting a quick end to it.

…Since the day Donald Trump was inaugurated, the Democratic Party has been helplessly disorganized and totally ineffective, as a political party. They wasted years chasing invisible Russian agents and then making weird and unintelligible sounds about something called Ukraine. It’s still not clear what they meant by that.

Their entire political strategy was bizarre, and in the end it was counterproductive and hurt them with voters. They went down in the polls. Only buffoons do that in politics. These people couldn’t organize your kids’ birthday party. They didn’t make their beds this morning.

And yet suddenly, out of nowhere, they roared back and took over the country. They did it in less time than it takes most people to go on spring vacation. What happened? How’d they do that? Well it’s simple. Nobody stopped them. There was no opposition to their power grab. The other side surrendered on day one, without a fight. The rest of us watched all of this with our jaws hanging open in shock. Was the opposite of what we expected.

Millions of people regularly vote for the Republican Party precisely because they would like someone to protect this country from the crazed ideologues who seek to destroy. There are many of them watching them on television. Now, there’s not really another reason to vote Republican unless you have any one of those rare people who wants more pointless Foreign Wars and enjoy sucking up to banks.

Most people don’t vote for Republicans to protect you from this, but when the moment of crisis came, Republicans ran away. Major American cities were looted and burned on television, citizens were beaten and murdered, works of public art were destroyed by the score, America’s history, those shared experiences that bind us together as a nation was plundered and completely rewritten by illiterate vandals everywhere. As they watched Americans were afraid. Afraid, not simply for their safety, but afraid for their jobs, their reputations, afraid for their families.

Many Americans were fired abruptly in the middle of a severe recession, doomed to ruin for nothing, for saying the wrong thing, looking the wrong way, liking the wrong tweet. That happened. It’s happening now. Some of the accused were so terrified, they denounced their own families: wife, brother, daughter. In the end, they were destroyed anyway, Because that’s what happens in purges, you’re destroyed anyway. Most Americans assumed they would never live to see a moment like this, but they have. It’s still going on, and the one question that hangs in the air is where are our protectors at the height of the riots? He then continued.

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  1. Joe Z says:

    The problem with the “Republican” Party is that it has many more gutless Republicrats than conservative Republicans. When they call me for money I tell them that, “I am not a Republican, I’m a conservative.” When I do contribute, I contribute to a conservative candidate.

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