In North Carolina, the Conservative Beltway Loses Again

WLOS, YouTube

by John Binder

The conservative beltway lost another congressional seat to an insurgent candidacy this week when 24-year-old Madison Cawthorn defeated widely-endorsed Lynda Bennett in North Carolina’s 11th congressional district.

Bennett positioned herself as a supporter of President Trump’s “America First” agenda despite reports that she once denounced the president. The conservative beltway, including Trump, endorsed Bennett.

Her backers included former Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the House Freedom Fund, the Senate Conservative Fund, House Freedom Caucus Chair Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Freedom Caucus Wives, David Bossie of Citizens United, and Matt Schlapp’s American Conservative Union. Read the rest HERE.

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2 Responses to In North Carolina, the Conservative Beltway Loses Again

  1. The Flash says:

    Sadly, Trump is a divisive president. Part of it is his own, uncontrollable big mouth, but the biggest part is never-ending character-assassination by the mainstream media, and that is a very difficult thing to overcome, especially when you play into their hands as Trump so often does. Conservative candidate need to play into Trump’s programs, and other conservative values, with coming off as a “Trump supporter.” If thin-skinned Trump won’t endorse them because of that, maybe that could be a good thing! And, for heaven’s sake, we need to stop making abortion a major issue because that costs us millions of moderates and more conservative Democrats. If the anti-abortion plank were completely removed from the Republican platform, just who do they think the anti-abortion crowd is going to vote for? Democrats? Ditto on other conservative religious issues. Mark my words, if the Democrats win the White House, and gain control of both houses of Congress in November, they will engineer the electoral system so that no conservative will ever hold a major office again. Given what we’ve see, you absolutely know that they’re corrupt enough to do just that.

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