Hydroxychloroquine… OOOOPS!

“YOU MUST LISTEN TO THE EXPERTS!” Remember that loud refrain that we have been hearing for weeks? Well… OOOOPS! It turns out that the “experts” and much of the “authoritative sources” in the media were DEAD WRONG as this video reveals.

“Experts” eating their words: Watch the MSM hype at the beginning of this video. And then, at about the minute & thirty second mark, when the new study information is revealed.

Hat tip: Whatfinger.com.


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  1. Joe Z says:

    Hydroxychloroquine: The big pharma companies can not patent it and make billions of dollars of profits from it so, therefore, it must not work. Yes, folks, that IS the sad state of “healthcare” in America today. And again, if Trump supports it, it MUST be bad.

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