Anyone Think They Don’t Need the First Amendment?

Hong Kong Schools and Libraries Begin Banning Books Under China’s Security Law

by John Hayward

The much-feared purge of dissident material from Hong Kong’s libraries and schools is underway only a week after Beijing imposed a sweeping “national security law” on the island, bypassing its legislature and legal system.

AFP reported on Monday that Hong Kong’s government has instructed schools to “review” any books that might run afoul of the “four types of offenses clearly stipulated in the law.”

“If they find outdated content or content that may concern the four aforementioned offences, they should remove them,” the Hong Kong Education Bureau instructed. Read the rest HERE.

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4 Responses to Anyone Think They Don’t Need the First Amendment?

  1. Joe Z says:

    It looks like the CCP also has a Department of Socialist and Communist Education, just like the USA. This is what we get when our gutless politicians and business cruds sell out to the CCP while lining their own pockets. WE have allowed a few thousand dirt bags to destroy this country. McConnell, Piglosi and Gates, oh my.

  2. Joe Z says:

    Alan, I tried to post a comment earlier, but it disappeared.

  3. Joe Z says:

    My comment showed up a little later.

  4. The Flash says:

    Similar actions coming to America if the Democrats seize power. ANY thinking person has to know that it would only be a matter of time.

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