Ford Motor Company Employees Call for End of Police Car Production

With all of the movements to defund/abolish police departments, maybe Ford should start making ‘Social Worker Patrol’ cruisers?

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From Breitbart News ♦ by Penny Starr

The Ford Motor Company’s website features the automaker’s long relationship with law enforcement that dates back seven decades and includes its tagline for the vehicles it has designed for the men and women in blue — “police-tested, street proven.”

But now the wave of social unrest and virtue signaling following the death of George Floyd while in police custody is taking over the corporate world, including at Ford, where workers are urging leadership to stop manufacturing cop cars.

This despite the fact that Ford expresses pride about its connection to law enforcement, according to its website:

Ford introduced the first-ever police package in 1950. Over the following decades, we’ve worked alongside law enforcement agencies with a purpose-built philosophy that continues today. Every vehicle is built with what we call the Ford Police DNA – safety, durability, performance, purpose built and upfit friendly.

Like the officers who drive them, Ford police vehicles are specialized to meet the needs of the communities they serve – providing law-enforcement agencies of all stripes with the ideal tools to get the job done.

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3 Responses to Ford Motor Company Employees Call for End of Police Car Production

  1. Joe Z says:

    The Ford knuckleheads who want to end production of Ford-built police cars should be willing to give up their jobs the day that those cars are no longer produced.

  2. The Flash says:

    BLM, through its many ancillaries, have also asked Trek Bicycles, the preferred supplier to police departments nationwide, to refuse to sell their bicycles to police departments. This actually could cause Trek to bankrupt. Think Democrats care? They’ve also asked Amazon to refuse to sell their advanced facial-recognition software to law enforcement. After all, why make it easier for police to arrest CRIMINALS like BLM members, right? Does anyone else see a violent civil war coming?

  3. johnny liberty says:

    During the 1917 Russian revolution Lenin was not concerned about the popular vote or if his party was in the majority, the communist occupied key positions and took over the government!!! This happened when Marx said the communist revolt could not over throw Russia. And now the rest of the story…. wake up America the communist Russians are here. Stand up for your rights and liberty and resist this Communist take over of our constitutional Republic. God Bless America, our Great President and his Administration.

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