Six-Year-Old Boy Rescues Younger Sister from Charging Dog

by Katherine Rodriguez

A six-year-old boy is being praised for his heroic efforts after he survived multiple dog bites to his face while trying to save his younger sister from a charging dog.

The boy’s aunt said in an Instagram post that her nephew, Bridger Walker, may have saved his sister’s life by blocking the charging dog from getting to her. Read the rest of this sad but heartwarming story HERE.

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2 Responses to Six-Year-Old Boy Rescues Younger Sister from Charging Dog

  1. The Flash says:

    Balls the size of basketballs! What a great kid! I can’t imagine Adam Schiff or Chuck Schumer doing this even as adults, can you?

  2. This little boy must suffer because of an ignorant adult who refused to leash the dog. Guarantee this is not the first time the dog exhibited aggressive behavior towards children.

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