Judge Jeanine: America at a Tipping Point

Tonight that strangle hold has put America’s at a tipping point. Spreading as we remain under attack from the deadly virus that the Chinese Communist Party has allowed to escape, China effectively, unleashing and seeding the virus upon America and the world and then lying about it. Let me be straight with you, the virus imported from Wuhan China, has already taken over 137 thousand lives, sent over 40 million Americans to the unemployment line, triggered the expenditure of trillions of dollars to avoid complete economic collapse, and tested the American spirit like never before to win the battle against this deadly virus. We know what’s required.

America also depends on the Chinese supply chain especially pharmaceuticals. Should China decide to limit or restrict these supplies, we are in trouble. Let us never forget that America, as she fights within herself, must understand that we are now in the fight of our lives with the Chinese communist party that has ripped us off for decades and now wants to take America
down for good.

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