They’re Not Really ‘Secret Police’ if We’re All Talking About Them

AP Photo/Noah Berger

by Stephen Kruiser

Federal Police Are the Worst Secret Ever.

Happy Hump Day, dear readers of the Kruiser Morning Briefing.

Today we will be revisiting an old nemesis: the false narrative. This week it’s about something that the Democrats and their flying media monkeys are calling the “secret police.”

I wrapped up yesterday’s Briefing by saying that “This is all so wearisome.” I may have been talking about Andrew Cuomo then, but let’s face it, that’s a line we could all be applying to so much these days. Today I find myself thinking the same thing about this seemingly never-ending leftist tantrum over the police that started way back when His Blessed Lightbringerliness Barack Obama was president.

This week’s tantrum has taken on an altered reality quality that’s even a bit much for the Dems as they’ve turned the police into a shadow squad of feds that they’re calling the secret police.

Federal police presence is required many of the Democrat-fueled riot cities because the local officials have abandoned their municipal and county police forces, leaving them defenseless in the face of unhinged mobs. Mobs that Democrats and the media are still pretending are peaceful. Read the rest HERE.

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  1. Joe Z says:

    Walking down the street in combat gear is hardly being secretive. And yes, that gear is needed when dodging bricks, sticks, stones and bottles of frozen water.

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