Fauci First Pitch Echoes Fauci Medical Expertise

Dr. Anthony Fauci of epidemiology fail-fame used his newfound 2020 fail-clout to book a “who cares” first pitch gig with the Washington Nationals on MLB opening night. …He failed.


Mark Levin says Anthony Fauci has been in the federal government for 50 YEARS, and is consistently over-hyped and given far too much attention. He’s not “America’s Doctor,” he’s just the infectious disease guy!

And more from The Dr. Anthony Fauci Show:

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1 Response to Fauci First Pitch Echoes Fauci Medical Expertise

  1. Joe Z says:

    That’s Fauci’s goofball pitch. It’s quite representative of all the goofball advice (aka Democrat BS) that he has been feeding the American people over the past several months. That little t**d is a Hillary lover and along with his buddy Billy Gates want to destroy this economy and take down Trump.

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