Democrats Urging Biden Not to Debate Trump

by Rick Moran

Democrats around the country have begun to pressure the Biden campaign to call off all debates with Donald Trump due to the coronavirus pandemic—they say.

In truth, the reason they don’t want Biden to debate Trump is that they don’t think Trump will play by their rules. The president would take over the debate and make it about what he wants, not what Biden wants.

Democrats are also worried about Biden’s mental stamina and his ability to remain engaged for an hour and a half during a debate. Read the rest HERE.

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2 Responses to Democrats Urging Biden Not to Debate Trump

  1. Joe Z says:

    The “unbiased” media members may be missing some additional “tough” questions for Biden. You know, like what’s your name and what office are you running for?

  2. johnny liberty says:

    If Commrade Joe does not show up, debate him and the progressive socialist racist communist party in absentasia and play all his video/audio response to Mr President Trumps questions. Remember its about what “we the people”, want and all our rights, liberties, property and happiness protected. MAGA, KAG, Go Trump.

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