Senator John Kennedy: ‘Biden is Hiding

Come on Joe, come out and play.

In this short clip from last night’s Tucker Carlson Tonight Senator John Kennedy (R, LA) opines on former Vice President Joe Biden’s inaccesssability during his campaign.

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1 Response to Senator John Kennedy: ‘Biden is Hiding

  1. The Flash says:

    Even in hiding, Biden is leading Trump in every poll I’ve seen, because Trump can’t seem to keep is big mouth shut, and his unsubstantiated his “facts” to himself. You’d think that, after three years of hyper media scrutiny, he’d learn not to shoot from the hip without verifying what he wants to say. I keep hoping that his intelligence will begin to overrule his massive ego, but that seems to be only a dream. He’s his own worst enemy, and we’re going to suffer for it if he’s not re-elected.

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