Judge Jeanine: They’re Coming for Your Gun

During her opening Statement on last night’s Justice with Judge Jeanine, the judge talked about the outrageous attempt to dissolve the NRA just announced by the Democrat Attorney General of New York State. She began:

They’re coming and this might just be the one thing more than anything else that raises the alert that they’re coming for your gun. This week New York Attorney General, Leticia James sued four officials of the National Rifle Association and the NRA itself in what is a classic fraud case a civil lawsuit alleging misuse of funds, leaders exploiting their positions for personal benefit, expensive meals, travel on private jets, vacations. Which if true is an outrage. But A.G James is not a prosecutor, there’s no indictment no jail time. But she is calling for and demanding the dissolution of the NRA.

So what’s this about? Permit me to set the table. Leticia James ran to become New York State Attorney General in 2019 on a left-wing platform of Trump hate. Take a listen…

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3 Responses to Judge Jeanine: They’re Coming for Your Gun

  1. knightflyer67 says:

    This left wingnut Leticia James has the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” really bad. We will never allow the government to disarm us!

  2. John Boyd says:

    wow she is so right

  3. John Boyd says:

    she is so right

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