Washington Post Falsely Declares Portland ‘Calm’ After Trump Pulls Feds

Portland Rioters Burning an American Flag (Nathan Howard/Getty Images)

by John Nolte

The far-left Washington Post attempted to blame President Donald Trump for the riots in Portland by falsely declaring the Democrat-run city “calm” after federal law enforcement retreated from the city.

Since the Post’s false declaration, Portland has exploded in an orgy of left-wing terrorism that is now moving into residential areas.

“Trump ordered federal forces to quell Portland protests. But the chaos ended as soon as they left,” a WaPo tweet announced on July 31.

No, it didn’t.

“Calm returns to Portland as federal agents withdraw,” WaPo tweeted on August 1.

No, it didn’t. Read the rest HERE.

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  1. Joe Z says:

    Those are not Democrat-run cities. They ARE DemocRAT-ruined cities.

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