Tucker: Joe Biden’s Handlers Announced They Selected Senator Kamala Harris of California to Run as Joe Biden’s Vice President

Last night in his opening monologue on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker hit the nail Joe Biden on the head. He began :

Big news in the political world. Just hours ago Joe Biden’s handlers announced they selected Senator Kamala Harris of California to run as Joe Biden’s vice president. We didn’t see it coming. Just last night on the show we told you Susan Rice will likely to get the job. Rice is a hardened partisan but she’s not stupid, and more to the point, Rice has sincere beliefs, whether you like them or not, and we don’t.

But Kamala Harris is the opposite of that. Harris may be the single most transactional human being in America. There are time-share salesmen you would trust more than Kamala Harris. You could find payday lenders who are more sincere. So it seemed inconceivable that given his current state, Joe Biden choose someone so transparently one-dimensional as Kamala Harris. Someone as he is. It would be the first entirely hollow presidential ticket in American history and we thought it would never happen…

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2 Responses to Tucker: Joe Biden’s Handlers Announced They Selected Senator Kamala Harris of California to Run as Joe Biden’s Vice President

  1. The Flash says:

    Given her history, I wonder if she had to sleep with Biden to get the gig? For those that don’t know, this woman got her first political gig by sleeping with her superior, twice her age. Beyond that, this woman is CORRUPT! Check her history in California. She is despised by much of California, and THAT;S saying something! Read “Profiles in Corruption” by Peter Schiwizer and encourage everyone you know to do so as well., If Biden wins, Harris WILL be our following president.

  2. Joe Z says:

    Looks like Kam-Har has changed out her Willie Brown knee pads for Joe Biden knee pads. That 5′ 2″ witch can suck on my .40 cal. I just made a donation to Trump’s campaign today. Yesterday, I saw a Trump 2020 sticker on a guy’s car at the library. Neither he nor I were wearing a mask. After all the craziness, I still think Trump wins big in 2020. I don’t believe those phony polls one bit. Remember, just one week before the 2016 election, those same “expert” pollsters said Trump had virtually no chance to win.

    Alan, where can I get some Trump 2020 yard signs? I have some road work to do. And yes, I’ve already been wearing my Trump 2020 T-shirt when I go to High Springs. WE are going to win this, folks. Hooyah!!!!!!!!!!!!

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