Going Postal – Tucker: ‘Media Go All-In on Mailbox Conspiracy’

In this clip from last night’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker outlined yet another conspiracy theory that is being circulated by the crazed Socialist Leftists. Watch:

A partial transcript: …The whole point of the convention is to highlight a party’s most popular position while keeping its crazies hidden from public view. But what if suddenly everyone in the party goes crazy? What if there are no sane people left? Then, you get what we are seeing right now.

Democrats spent the last week outlining a conspiracy that looks so dangerous that it makes Russia look like jaywalking. The president of the United States is working to eliminate the U.S. Mail. That doesn’t just meaning closing the post office. No, it is far worse than that and much sneakier.

Trump is stealing the mailboxes. Driving through Democratic neighborhoods in the middle of the night, tossing them in the back of a station wagon, cackling like the loud man he is. Either way, it’s the same. With no mailboxes, Democrats won’t be able to vote. Donald Trump is stealing the election. And here’s the thing, Democrats can’t call to complain about it. It seems that someone took all the pay phones too.

Can you imagine? Apparently, it was all there. Biden was so upset. He was still ranting about it during a virtual fund-raiser on Friday. He told the crowd, “They are going around literally with tractor-trailers picking up mailboxes. You want to go online and check out what they are doing in Oregon. I mean, it’s bizarre. Literally with tractor-trailers, in Oregon. The funny thing is, Oregon hasn’t voted for Republican in a presidential election in more than 25 years. It’s unclear what exactly Trump might be gaining. But whatever, It’s just wrong. Former vice president, Al Gore went on CNN the other day to make that point:

Al Gore: “Tampering with the Postal Service, putting his knee on the neck of American Democracy.”

Tucker: Stealing mailboxes, says Al Gore, is nothing less than Trump putting his knee on the neck of democracy. The blood is draining from America’s face…

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2 Responses to Going Postal – Tucker: ‘Media Go All-In on Mailbox Conspiracy’

  1. Joe Z says:

    Tucker’s segment is hilarious. However, his conclusion is correct. The lunatic left will stop at nothing to steal this election. Vote in person and get every Republican you know to vote. If Trump loses, this country is toast.

  2. The Flash says:

    I wonder if the Postmaster General will go on TV claiming, “I can’t breathe?”

    Joe Z., you are SO correct!

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