Goodyear Tires Pulling Hard to the Left

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3 Responses to Goodyear Tires Pulling Hard to the Left

  1. The Flash says:

    I have never specifically sought out Goodyear tires when I need tires, but from now on, I WILL specifically NOT buy them

  2. Joe Z says:

    I called some of their local stores and their HQs in Akron, Ohio. My call was not very pleasant for them to hear. I bought a set of four GY tires earlier this year but I told them I would no longer be buying any GY products. Get woke, go broke. Imagine if a million or two Americans did this. You think Burn, Loot and Murder would be around very long?

  3. knightflyer67 says:

    This anti-Trump disinformation did not come from Goodyear Management.

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