Charles Hurt: Democrat Hate Machine Is Just Revving Up

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

by Charles Hurt

It’s the hate that never sleeps.

The only good news out of last week’s Democratic convention was that it was finally over.

The only glimmer of hope out of the whole gloomfest was that we would not have to hear any more from these people about what a racist, unfair, impoverished, helpless dungheap America is today. And always has been.

Maybe for just one week we might have a reprieve from all the unhinged hateful rhetoric about how President Trump — with malice in his heart — personally killed 170,000 Americans this year.

And that was after he somehow stole the 2016 election, got into bed with the Russians, stole Ukraine, jailed all of Mexico and is now firebombing the U.S. Postal Service so that he — now, stay with me here — can remain in power forever. Read the rest HERE.

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