Levin Hannity 09-10-2020

“The Great One,” Mark Levin, was on Hannity last night talking about the election and Biden, and  he was as subtle as usual:

Well here’s the word that scares the hell out of Democrats and the media: It’s called vaccine. And here’s the thing, the president on the United States and his administration are close to getting a vaccine.

So they bring out Dr. Kamala Harris and she says: “I’m not taking the vaccine.”

I could give a damn if she takes the vaccine or not. They don’t want a vaccine before the election. I want you to think about that. They’re the ones that don’t mind if people die. What if we have a vaccine before the election? The president’s supposed to put his foot on the brake and stop progress on a vaccine?

And then you have Woodward. Oh Woodward wrote something. Like I give a damn what Woodward wrote. Like it’s the Bible? Woodward and Bernstein, the Sacco and Vancetti of journalism.

First of all, I want the media understand something. There’s two candidates running. You might want to actually ask the other candidate, Joe Biden a few questions every now and then. There are two candidates, right?

We have six books in the last few months – On Trump, on Mrs. Trump. Everything you ever want to know about the trumps. The disgruntled people, the former employees on and on. How many books do we have about Biden other than Don Jr.? Nothing! Now the guy’s been in government a half a century. He’s had employees, he’s had staff, he’s been a screw-up, he’s been a bigot, he’s been all kinds of things. Women accuse him of all kinds of stuff. Where are the books? There are no books. Now where is his plan for addressing the virus? I’ve looked. I’ve looked. Here’s a man that was in charge of the 2009 Swine Flu. How’d that go? – Disaster beginning to end says his former chief of staff.

So where’s the Biden plan Mr. Expert on the virus? February nothing, March nothing, April nothing, May nothing, June nothing, July, August, now nothing. This guy walks around like he’s in the desert with a mask on. I’m going what’s wrong With this guy? And by the way he walks in circles.

What’s his vaccine plan? Has no plan. They have a 110 page Communist Manifesto. No vaccine plan. Plan for opening the economy: Tax the hell out of America. That’s how he intends to open the economy. Plan for creating jobs: Tax the hell out of workers in the country. That’s a great plan…

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  1. Joe Z says:

    NO Billy Gates vaccine for me….period. Billy Gates is NUTS. This is all about Billy and Big Pharma making billions of dollars in profits while the American people who take these vaccines die like guinea pigs. Yes, I have and will continue to send these messages to Trump at the White House.

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