Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) Questions Former FBI Director Comey During Senate Judiciary Hearing

Following is a partial transcript of James Comey’s testimony. Pay attention to his body language and his facial expressions:

Kennedy: Well I’ll give you this. You have been an equal opportunity egotist you have tried to screw both trump and uh you you, and let’s talk about Clinton. First when you were head of the FBI, you investigated Secretary Clinton and her emails and her server did you not?

Comey: The FBI team did while I was director.

Kennedy:   And you concluded that there was there were no criminal violations did you not?

Comey: There were no violations that a reasonable prosecutor would pursue.

Kennedy: But you didn’t just issue a statement. You called a press conference and you commented on her behavior. You you said she was extremely careless, but in your opinion there was no criminal intent. What were you thinking of? I mean this is, this is the Democratic nominee for president United States. Didn’t you realize that could have an impact on the investigation?

Comey: The investigation was ending at that point when i issued the summary of what we had.

Kennedy: I’m sorry I misspoke. Didn’t you realize that could have an impact on the election?

Comey: Oh potentially sure and I was trying to offer.

Kennedy: I’m sorry go ahead.

Comey: I was trying to offer transparency about the justification for ending an investigation of intense
interest to the American people in July. It’s July 5th of 2016.

Kennedy: Well you gave us a full dose of transparency. Eleven days before the election you sent a letter to Congress saying: “Up, never mind what I said in my press conference, my unprecedented press conference, I’m going to reopen the investigation. Didn’t you?

Comey: Correct. I didn’t say what you just said in the letter, but I told the chairs of the committees we were reopening the investigation to examine some additional material.

Kennedy: And then a few days later right before the election you said never mind, she didn’t do anything.

Comey: No I said the examination was completed and it doesn’t change our view.

Kennedy: And this is we’re not talking about a parking ticket here we’re talking about the Democratic nominee for president of the United States, the most powerful person in the free world. And you didn’t think that would have an impact on the election?

Comey: Oh I knew it could potentially have an impact no matter what we did.

Kennedy: And you don’t like attention?

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