WATCH: Katie Hopkins, Featured Speaker at Black Tie and Blue Jeans, Chilling Documentary, “Plaasmoorde: The Killing Fields” of South Africa”

*Katie Hopkins & present “Plaasmoorde: The Killing Fields,” a new feature length documentary about the genocide of white farmers in South Africa:






Find out more and purchase tickets to BT&BJ.


*About Katie Hopkins

I am a woman on a mission. I am serious about telling the truths not being told.

An award-winning documentary maker, columnist for national newspapers and radio talkshow host, and best-selling author, I have spent over a decade in the media, learning my craft, listening to real people, and helping them share their truths.

As a white Christian Conservative,  I will not stand by and watch people who love their country be oppressed by mandatory multiculturalism, or the narrative we are force fed. The powerful have a script and we are expected to follow it, compliantly.

We will not.

We will resist the narrative. We find our truths, and we get furious and fight back.

Katie is a Fellow of the Shillman Foundation.

Katie Hopkins: “Plaasmoorde: The Killing Fields” of South Africa.

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