Why We Elected Donald Trump in 2016 (and Why We Will Again)

by John Phillip Sousa IV

When Donald Trump announced he was running for president in 2016 many thought it was a lark; that he couldn’t possibly be serious. Most of us didn’t see how offended he was by what Obama and Biden had done to America [Emphasis, mine]. How concerned he was they had divided Americans by race, religion, and income; reduced our military to cannibalizing parts off non-working ships and planes to get other non-working ships and planes running; made America a subject of ridicule around the world; forced people to work two lousy jobs to keep their families together; and constantly imposed unjust regulations, rules, and taxes on businesses, workers, and schools.

Many people weren’t convinced Donald Trump even wanted to be president. But when they saw him on the debate stage, among 15 other candidates, tell it like it is; they got excited by his candidacy. He talked about the way elites in our country had corrupted the process so they could enrich themselves, and gain power, while ordinary Americans suffered. Read the rest HERE.

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4 Responses to Why We Elected Donald Trump in 2016 (and Why We Will Again)

  1. The Flash says:

    If Donald Trump had not spent the last four years defending his massive ego with his big mouth, his re-election would be a slam dunk. But, because he couldn’t control himself, I think it’s a real toss-up, however, I sure hope he pulls it off, because Dementia Joe and Headboard Harris would be another lackluster administration kow-towing to every piss-ant left-wing radical group out there pushing us toward socialism..

  2. Joe Z says:

    Yes, Trump has created controversy with some dumb comments. However, his biggest screwups have come from the lousy people he has hired. More often than not he has hired Establishment toadies like Reince Priebus, Betsy DeVos, Christopher Wray, Candy Barr and many others who would rather see him gone. Also, he failed to clean house and fire all of the Ocommie, Crooked Killary and G.W. Bush supporters that he could have fired early in 2017. I still think he will win in 2020. However, if he does not, it will be due to massive voter fraud and his hires and the leftovers stabbing him in the back whenever they can. These 2020 DemocRATS will be way worse than just another lackluster administration. If they steal this thing, it will be the end of an America that any sane person would want to live in.

    • The Flash says:

      I think you’re right on, Joe. I’ve been complaining ever since the election that Trump failed on one of his biggest promises – TO DRAIN THE SWAMP! If he loses, part of his downfall was failing to keep that promise.

  3. Joe Z says:

    Trump and COVID. I’ve already sent a message to Trump to get the hell out of that hospital…NOW. I believe those witch doctors are trying to kill him.

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