Mark Levin: This is OUR Country ♦ This is OUR Election

Transcript:  Welcome back America. I want to talk to you as a fellow citizen. I get so frustrated with the debates that take place on television and on radio in most places. “Well did he interrupt too many times? Well was he too hot? Well did he call names? Well did he do this or that?”

This is our country. This is our election. Everything’s on the table here. The Democrats want to change this country. They want to turn it into a post-constitutional, post-republican type of society. Bernie Sanders agenda is on the table. They’re telling us, they’re telling us what they’re going to do. They’re not hiding it from us. They’re going to burn down the Supreme Court by packing it. This was tried before. It was denounced before.

They’re going to do it. They’re going to add four Democrat senators to the Senate. Why? Because they’re going to have the power to do it. They’re going to change the way we legislate. So nothing could be slowed down, nothing can stop them. They want to change our electoral process so only Democrats are represented in Congress, only Democrats have power to elect a president. Rural areas, suburban areas, the areas of the country that that produce the food and produce the energy will have no representation.

This isn’t a joke. This is serious as a heart attack. This is what the election is about. The 1619 Project, it exists to destroy the minds of our kids, to brainwash them against this country. You see what’s happened in the streets. They don’t even acknowledge. The presidential nominee of the Democratic Party doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of Antifa, a Marxist anarchist organization that says it wants to destroy our country and burns our streets.

Now this election is a big deal. If you’re still on the fence, I don’t know what kind of fence you’re sitting on. And if you’re leaning towards Joe Biden He says I am the Democrat Party. He ain’t kidding. If you’re leaning towards Joe Biden, this is what you’re gonna get. There’s a reason why he won’t tell you whether or not he supports stuffing the Supreme Court, because he does. There’s a reason he won’t tell you about the nominees that he has in mind, because they’re radicals.

This election is crucial. Are you Thomas Paine? Are you Paul Revere? Now is the time to speak up. I’ll see you next time on Life Liberty and Levin.

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  1. Joe Z says:

    Mark ain’t kidding. This is it, folks. At a minimum Trump needs to be reelected and the Republicans need to hold the Senate. Please contact DeSantis (850-717-9337 “2”, and tell him to do everything he can to PREVENT VOTER FRAUD in Florida for this 2020 election.

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