Bongino Rips Media For Attacking Trump’s Drive By Visit

Transcript: We’re not a bunch of whiners. We go out and we protect the President of the United States and the President United States gets to act like the President of the United States without having to worry about us because we signed on to take the worry for him. Listen to me, someone was getting in that car or that helicopter and closing that door and protecting the President United States infected or not. Someone was gonna do it and these guys and the women of the Secret Service are the ones that had the nerve to do it.

So to these media buffoons, you clowns who don’t know the first thing about honor, dignity, courage. I know you wouldn’t get in that car with the President with a mask or a full bubble suit, because you’re chumps and cowards and spineless losers. We all know that, but don’t you dare utter the word Secret Service [sic] again, because you know nothing about these men or women, why they do what they do, how they wound up in that car, why they did it. And they’d do it again tomorrow. So how about you just shut your mouths, put your caboose in a chair and sit this one out!

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  1. Joe Z says:

    The members of the lefty media truly are cowards who sell out their country and countrymen for outrageously fat paychecks. They care ZERO about what happens to the future of this country as long as they can keep feathering their nests.

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