Judge Jeanine: The Upcoming Election is About Your Freedom Versus the Left Turning America Into a Fascist State

In her opening monologue on Saturday’s program, Justice with Judge Jeanine,the judge talks about the power of Big Tech, notably, Twitter and Facebook using the very recent actions of censoring the New York Post’s article on the Bidens. She ends with this:

They call our president a Fascist. They are the fascists. The blackout of information by the left is pure Fascism. You are not entitled to say things digitally or transfer information. We have watched them lie, shadow ban us, cancel us, because they don’t agree with us. This cannot happen in America. A reminder their right to cancel and prohibit information sharing must end immediately.

It’s time for Congress to stop worrying about themselves and the next election. You and congress work for us. You rule only with the consent of the governed. If you don’t break up and regulate these monopolies instead of giving them immunity under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, this will only get worse. We must never put America in a position where monopolies like Twitter and Facebook can regulate our thoughts. And if we do, then the words of Ronald Reagan are meant for
us, this generation.

“Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction”.

And that’s my open.

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