The Death of the Free Press In America – By Suicide

As if the revelations by the New York Post of the Biden emails was not enough, as if the censoring of this story by Twitter and Facebook was not enough, now the once free Leftist press is blaming it all on Russia. OMG, here we go again. From Tucker Carlson Tonight, October 19th:

…There’s one very newsworthy series of emails, and they stuck out they showed that as Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden tailored American foreign policy, our foreign policy which Joe Biden does not own, in order to help his son’s business interests. Biden intervened aggressively in the internal affairs of another sovereign nation, Ukraine and his son got paid for that.

By any measure that is a real story, there’s no spinning it. That’s a story, but then very quickly something bigger than that happened, something far more dangerous to our country than anything the New York Post found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Here’s what happened: The most powerful people in the world aligned to censor the news to keep it from the population of the United States. Twitter prevented its users from sharing the story, so did Facebook. When Americans searched Google to read the New York Post story, many couldn’t find it.

So within hours, the promise of a free press, that’s the basis of American democracy and has been for 250 years, just disappeared. One minute we were America, the next minute we were China.

Horrifying, and perhaps most horrifying of all, our news media applauded it. The self-described guardians of the First Amendment cheered the destruction of the First Amendment. The New York Times actually ran an op-ed attacking the idea of free speech.

Ideas that threaten the ruling class must be squelched, put down. That’s their position. Every power center in America vehemently agreed with that, and most ominous of all, the U.S. intelligence community, the secretive federal agencies that have nearly unlimited power, joined in. Those agencies colluded with the news media to hide information from the American public weeks before a presidential election. On Saturday, USA Today kicked off the effort by publishing one of the most dishonest newspaper stories ever to run in this country.

“Federal authorities are investigating,” the paper declared, “whether the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop was quote part of a smoke bomb of disinformation pushed by Russia.” The Russians did it. That was the point of the piece. In fact it was the only point of the piece. The newspaper never bothered to assess whether the core story was true. Are the facts right? And that used to be the very first and most important question in journalism. Is the allegation true? Everything else flows from that. But USA Today didn’t even ask that question. Nor did the newspaper explain how this Russian plot might have worked in practical terms.

The computer repair shop owner in Wilmington for example, he must have been in on it. He had physical possession of the laptop. So was this seemingly mild-mannered Mac repairman yet another one of Vladimir Putin’s hand-picked sleeper agents? Had he been lying in wait in a Delaware strip mall for decades preparing for just this moment? USA Today didn’t tell us. They didn’t need to tell us, because the rest of the media understood instantly what to do. “FBI probed if purported Hunter Biden emails or a Russian plot” declared Bloomberg News. PBS, which you pay for, it’s publicly funded, cited a quote senior former intelligence official, whose salary you also pay, to claim that Rudy Giuliani was likely channeling Russian disinformation.

So the former mayor of New York is working for Vladimir Putin too. That’s how vast this conspiracy was. Reporters in Washington and New York frantically called their many sources in the permanent national security state for more details. From his perch on Twitter, desiccated neocon ghoul David Frum cheered them on. Vast experience lying in the run-up to the Iraq, war he put those talents to use.

In this frenzy to find this new batch of Russian spies, the media did miss a few obvious leads. For example two people reporters forgot to call were Joe and Hunter Biden. Presumably the Bidens could have confirmed whether or not the famous laptop was real. That would have ended the speculation. It would have informed the rest of us. But somehow no one thought to do that. Finally last Friday night one reporter, Beau Erickson of CBS blurted out the question to Joe Biden himself. And here’s what happened next: “I knew you’d ask it. I have no response. It’s another smear campaign, right up your alley. They’re the questions you always ask.”

Oh it’s a smear campaign right up your alley. “I have no response” said Joe Biden. Biden didn’t deny the story because he knows that laptop from the Delaware repair shop did in fact belong to his son Hunter and we know it too. We confirmed that conclusively last week…

[Bold emphasis: mine]

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  1. Joe Z says:

    Don’t you dare question the powerful, comrade. It doesn’t make any difference that the Bidens obtained almost all of their wealth illegally. There’s nothing to see here, now move along or YOU will be dealt with severely.

    Vote in person. Get as many people as you can to vote for Trump and even those gutless Republicans.

  2. Robert S says:

    It appears we don’t have a free press anymore, but a Ministry of Propaganda. Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

  3. The Flash says:

    If you search YouTube for this particular video, you will find that it has been removed. Hmmm.

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