Nolte: Useful Lincoln Project Idiots Spread Iran’s Anti-Trump Misinformation

Chip Somodevilla/Getty

by John Nolte

“The Proud Boys are trying to scare voters away from the polls,” the self-serving Never Trump grifters at the far-left Lincoln Project screeched on Twitter this week. “Let’s make them famous.”

Except, uhm, you know — it wasn’t true.

The Proud Boys are not sending threatening emails to registered voters. In an effort to hurt President Donald Trump, the Iranians sent threatening emails to registered voters while pretending to be the Proud Boys, and the useful idiots at the Lincoln Project were right there to lend a hand.

The reason the Iranians are out to damage Trump in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden because he is the guy who was part of the last administration, the one that sent them hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. cash on pallets.

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