Fact Check: 19 False Claims in Barack Obama’s Speech for Joe Biden in Florida

Chandan Khanna / AFP / Getty

by Joel B. Pollak

President Barack Obama delivered a speech in Florida on behalf of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign on Saturday, in the course of which he stated at least nineteen false claims about President Donald Trump and his record.

From the transcript:

1. “He doesn’t have a plan” for coronavirus. Obama cited the presidential debate on Thursday. However, the president did, in fact, specifically mention Operation Warp Speed, his plan to develop and distribute a coronavirus vaccine quickly.

2. Trump couldn’t answer Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes when she asked, “What’s your priority in your second term?” In fact, Trump answered her: “The priority now is to get back to normal, get back to where we were, to have the economy rage and be great with jobs and everybody be happy. And that’s where we’re going and that’s where we’re heading.”

3. “He doesn’t even acknowledge that there’s a problem” (i.e. coronavirus).  This is obviously not true, and provably so. Trump even talked about coronavirus in his State of the Union address, which Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) ripped in two.

4. Trump said “if you put some bleach in you, that might clean things up.” Trump never said that. He mentioned new, experimental technologies in UV light, and also specifically said he was not talking about putting bleach inside anyone.

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4 Responses to Fact Check: 19 False Claims in Barack Obama’s Speech for Joe Biden in Florida

  1. Howard Leinart says:

    Who listens to anything that moron has to say.

    • The Flash says:

      Sadly, three-quarters of Gainesville, and ALL liberals listen to this idiot like he’s some kind of political god, much like they did with Bill Clinton.

  2. Joe Z says:

    I know when Ocommie is lying…his lips are moving.

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