Democrats Plan to Fundamentally Change Our Form of Government.

This is your Declaration of Independence. This is your Constitution. You know when the men met at the Second Continental Congress to decide whether to unite against the British crown. Well they had quite a debate and they fought a lot, they raised a lot of issues and then they decided, they put their name on that parchment which was their death sentence.

Independence, liberty, representative government, republicanism. They were well aware of the great periods that preceded them. They based their beliefs as you see in the Constitution of the United States, on Judeo-Christian values, on the reformation, on Western Enlightenment, Natural Rights, the strength of the individual. They had contemporaries like Adam Smith, and the great Edmund Burke, with whom
they were completely familiar, and they referenced in their writings.

They were committed to creating the greatest nation on the face of the earth, the greatest governing document mankind had ever known and they succeeded. It’s called the Constitution, your Constitution. What does it do? It creates a beneficent, limited government to protect the individual, and the civil society to nurture liberty, to nurture the family, to nurture religious rights.

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