Kat Cammack Wins Race for Florida’s Third Congressional District

Gainesville, FL – Kat Cammack, Republican Nominee for Congress in Florida’s Third Congressional District, is announcing her win for Florida’s Third Congressional District.

Cammack, 32, will be the youngest Republican woman serving in the 117th Congress.

Kat Cammack gave the following statement in response:

“As your next Congresswoman, I have been entrusted to represent each and every person who calls Florida’s Third Congressional District home, and for that I am incredibly honored. In January, I will take an oath to the United States Constitution, not a political party, and I vow to represent all Americans. After losing my family’s cattle ranch to a failed Obama-era program in 2011, I promised myself to never give up or allow another family to have the same experience mine did. Only in the United States of America would I be able to go from being homeless to the U.S. House of Representatives in 10 years, and I will always fight for Florida’s families the same way I would my own. Looking forward, I am excited to get back to work for the community here in FL-03.”

Kat Cammack is a small business owner, a proud wife to a first responder, an alumna of the United States Naval War College, and the longtime former Deputy Chief of Staff to the District.

Note: This article originally appeared on congresswoman-elect Kat Cammack’s campaign website.

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