Poll Workers Campaigning for Biden in Philly

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2 Responses to Poll Workers Campaigning for Biden in Philly

  1. Howard says:

    Our Constitutional Republic has taken a major hit.

  2. Joe Z says:

    Get our US Senators and your Congressman off their asses and tell them they MUST SUPPORT TRUMP and THROW OUT ALL THOSE PHONY VOTES. THIS IS MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD. Trump WON all of these so-called “in play” states. Then the DemocRATS shut down the vote count until they could manufacture millions of fake Biden votes. I already called Rubio (202-224-3041), Rick Scott (202-224-5274) and emailed my Congressman Neil Dunn and told them ALL they have to get off their asses and support Trump to expose this voter fraud and put these fraudsters in prison. Will you help save your country? OR will you be like useless AG Candy Barr and DO NOTHING?????????????

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