Fight Back Against Censorship of President Trump

It’s well known that Twitter, Facebook, and other Leftist media outlets have been censoring conservatives, including President Donald Trump. Even Fox News has climbed on the bandwagon. Below are some examples and a call to action. YOU can help:

Twitter’s Censorship of President Trump Continues to Escalate

Twitter Labels 8 Trump Posts in 24 Hours

Liberal Pressure Groups Urge Twitter to Ban Trump

Report: Half of Trump’s Twitter and Facebook Posts Since Election Day Flagged as Misinformation

Fox News Calls Arizona for Biden on Election Day, but Cavuto Won’t Let President Trump’s Press Secretary Talk About Fraud

I just received this from a knowledgeable and trustworthy friend. While I have seen some recent tweets from @RealDonaldTrump, the undeniable fact remains that Big Tech is censoring our president. Just open the above links and see for yourself. So Please take action, it can’t hurt. I’m going to.

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2 Responses to Fight Back Against Censorship of President Trump

  1. Joe Z says:

    My letter has been written and will be in the U.S. Mail shortly.

  2. The Flash says:

    Our letter will go out in today’s mail. I’m including it in it’s entirety for anyone that doesn’t have time to compose their own. Once you’ve copied and pasted it, you can change whatever you want before printing it:

    Dear President Trump,

    There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that the 2020 presidential election was stolen via several different efforts of voter fraud. If we’re wrong in our beliefs, we’re open-minded enough to accept the results, IF, and ONLY if, an honest audit of the election is performed. If an honest audit is impossible, then a re-vote – with Draconian oversight – should be undertaken. There were just far too many irregularities in too many places to instill any confidence in us that a fair and honest election took place. I’m sure millions of Americans feel the same way.

    We are registered Democrats, but believe our party has gone completely “off the rails” in far too many ways. The Party is so power-mad that they have completely forsaken any semblance of fairness, honesty and integrity that most Americans have stood for until very recently. There are two fundamental things that could help our country, neither of which we ever heard you address. First is term limits. We have to stop legislators from building political “dynasties”, such that getting them out of office becomes almost impossible. People should serve in government because they want to help our country, not because they want to feed at the government troth for the rest of their lives. Second is single-issue bills. ALL legislation/bills should address a single issue, and not allow riders and unrelated issues to ride the coattails of the main bill. This has ALWAYS been a bad idea. If an issue can’t make it on it’s own, then it’s usually not a great idea to begin with. This would eliminate most of the shady “backroom deals” that the People hate. Passing these two ideas would go a long way to repairing the People’s distrust of government.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to these issues.


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