Life, Liberty and Levin – Obama Compares Trump to a Dictator and the Media Plays God With the Election

On Sundays edition of his weekly television program, host Mark Levin calls out ex-President Barack Obama, for his remarks about about President Donald Trump. He then excoriates the media for their handling of our recent election. Watch:

Partial transcript:Hello America. I’m Mark Levin and this is Life Liberty and Levin. Before we get started this evening, I want to make a comment.

I watched this clip of Barack Obama on 60 minutes where he’s attacking the President of the United States and he believes these challenges that are taking place in the states are undermining democracy. He’s put out an 800-page book. You’d think he’s Winston Churchill. I think this is his third autobiography. I want to say something to President Obama and the other so-called iconic figures in our republic, Republican and Democrat. Don’t you damn lecture us!

For four damn years the FBI was involved in trying to undermine this president, the intelligence services. Trying to undermine this president, they tried to remove this president from office. A phony criminal investigation, a phony impeachment, one effort after another, the Russia Hoax. You drag the American People through the dirt, through your politics, because you wouldn’t accept democracy, you wouldn’t accept the Constitution of the United States. And now everybody’s supposed to roll over. Seventy two million people voted for this president, and up to seventy two million people don’t like what they’re seeing right now.

Let me explain the problem to the media: You’re going around putting microphones in the faces of state officials. Do you see any fraud, here? Do you see any fraud here? They’re the defendants in these lawsuits. You know the good old days we’d have reporters in the field looking into the allegations where we have hundreds of sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury, from one end of this country to another. In one corrupt Democrat city after another. The machines will not allow our volunteer lawyers, volunteer lawyers to get in and find out what’s taking place. And so this is hard work. Instead the media are fighting them, we have democrats fighting them, we have propagandists fighting them rather than trying to get to the bottom of this.

Now Al Gore had 37 days in frivolous lawsuits, in three counties, two visits to the state supreme court, two visits to the United States Supreme Court, and what we hear is people, people declaring, who aren’t even involved in these cases, who haven’t even talked to anybody on the ground. It’s over. It’s over. Well it may be over. It may not be over. What about the integrity of the election process? Let me explain…


Below is a brief clip from the 60 Minute interview courtesy,, where Obama compares Trump to a dictator:


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