Defending the Republic Against Voter Fraud ♦ Sidney Powell


Attorney Sidney Powell needs your immediate support to halt the certification of ballots in Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

To contact Sidney Powell directly, please visit her website:

Millions of dollars must be raised to defend the Republic as these lawsuits continue to be filed to ensure victory.

In Bush v. Gore the Supreme Court recognized that once vested in the people, the right to vote is fundamental, and one source of its fundamental nature lies in the equal weight of each vote.

This fundamental right to equal weight was not defended or actualized in this election. There is evidence of ballots being discarded, hundreds of thousands of ballots appearing out of thin air, ballot harvesting, and a lower standard of verification for some mail-in ballots. This is voter fraud and has infringed upon Americans’ sacred right to vote and for their votes to carry equal weight.

The case will seek to block the certification of the election results so that justice can be done. We need to stop the steal in its tracks.

The future of our Republic is at stake. The left, the media, and a complicit Republican Establishment are attempting to steal this election through a staggering voter fraud operation. The time to fight is now!

“A Republic…if you can keep it.”

Benjamin Franklin

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13 Responses to Defending the Republic Against Voter Fraud ♦ Sidney Powell

  1. Joe Z says:

    We also have voter machines and voting software where votes for Trump were deleted and trashed and other Trump votes were switched to Beijing Biden. I wish every Trump voter in this country contributed as much as I have. Trump and the Republicans would have all the money and support they needed. It’s pitiful when a small percentage of patriots have to do the job that many others fail to do. We’re talking about the very existence of this country.

    • Mike & Gin Kinard says:

      Every Trump voter should not feel that they have to match any other donor (simply put..every patriot can donate and must, BUT it can only be what they can afford). There is to much of “telling people what they are expected to do as well as what they should or should not believe” going on these days. True PATRIOTS fully understand what is at stake!

  2. Donna Gebing & Husband Robert Gebing says:

    Dearest Ms. SidneyI Powell, took 3 pictures off Video on Judge Jeanine TV Show of Joe Biden & he was happy to tell American people that quote “We have put together, I think the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD ORGANIZATION!” WOW – HE Admitted he is responsible for putting a Voter Fraud Organization Together So He Could Steal the Election. Now the Election is a FRAUD Election. * I am sending the pictures to the President.
    * Do you want me to send you the pictures??? Every one working on this, should SHOW America these pictures. Republicans, Democrats, Americans & the President should not have to accept a FRAUD Election. IF THE PICTURES ARE NOT SHOWN TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE – DEMS’S WILL TRY TO SAY JOE DID NOT SAY THAT HE PUT THE FRAUD ELECTION TOGETHER. I will donate also.

  3. Barbara Furman says:

    Sidney Powell, I am in Montgomery County, PA and have a group of citizens that are working to get to the truth of this stolen election in our County!! I attended the Board of Elections meeting today which is controlled by Democrats 2 to 1. They lauded the workers and volunteers in this election which had very little Republican eyes on it!! The one Republican Joe Gale, made a very common sense statement that Act 77, passed by our Republican controlled Legislature led to 47% of the votes coming from mail-in so that the majority of the people are now disenfranchised and they do not care. Three people, including to myself, expressed concern about the security of an election where there were 244K mail-in ballots with no guarantee of signatures or postmark date. We didn’t even speak about the stolen votes. But one person actually made a reference to Qanon like we were spouting some right wing theory. They voted 2-1 to certify the election results. Many people in Montgomery County know that the results were fraudulent. They are saying that the participation in voting was 85%. Sounds wonderful but hard to believe. What was the participation in nursing homes? Was my vote stolen? The Revolver News article makes a lot of sense. Please, whatever we can do in Montgomery County!! Please reach out!! New Hanover Township resident!!

  4. Just Me says:

    My card keeps getting declined when I donate to her – tried two that both work just fine for the past year or whatever so something is up when donating at the Sidney Powell website you mentioned…

  5. I Just received in our nevada mailbox, TWO Georgia applications for absentee ballots ( for my husband & myself). We moved from Georgia to Nevada in 2018, and then registered to vote in Nevada in 2019. FYI: I was recently informed at a rally, that a group went to every single Nv. clerks office, after the 2018 election and after eliminating all duplicate votes, dead voters and other illegal votes, they found that SucksALOT actually LOST his election! But, Unfortunately, by the time they completed the process of weeding out all the fraud,mot was too late to boot the criminal out of office.😡
    NEVADAs’ current CRIMINAL governor and corrupt state legislature should NOT be running Nevada. They have done much damage already, to our liberty & freedom

  6. David Williams says:

    Want to thank you and your staff for keeping up the good fight. . I am absolutely livid that apparently our SCOTUS Justices can’t find any Backbones in their size. . Makes me wonder if they are being threaten by others. If so they need to make it know and we will see they receive any and all necessary. .

  7. Ruth Craft says:

    Where do I go to sign your letter addressed to all Senators and Congresspersons regarding the 2020 election fraud?

  8. Laboo says:

    Why is it too late to boot the LIAR and THIEF out of office?…..This is not right! When you consider the Senate has not problem dragging OUR President down “uncharted waters” in reference to the impeachment why can we also go through ” unchartered waters” and get that Traitor out of Our President’s WH??????

  9. Beverley Bell says:


  10. Maureen Wibbenmeyer says:

    These court filings was back in November and Dec. before the certification. What happen ? They ignored the lawsuits in the states ?

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