No MAGA Hat in THIS School

Here’s a little segment from Wednesday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight. Complete transcript:

Tucker: Well political intolerance is now the rule in schools, but some examples of it still manage to get our attention and shock us a little bit. Rick Leventhal has one for us tonight. Hey Rick.

Leventhal: Hey Tucker. La Jolla County Day, one of the most prestigious private schools in the San Diego area. Tuition is almost 17 grand for first grade, up to 37,000 for high school. Students are allowed to wear hats on campus, and there are no rules against political attire in the parent student handbook, but Make America Great Again hats, not okay.

The head of school, Dr. Gary Krohn, sent an email to all parents to let them know there would be no on-campus classes the week after Thanksgiving, and then he added:

Dr. Kron: We also had a student wear a MAGA hat. Today I have talked with that student who now understands why that hat is offensive to our community. He will not wear it again. In addition his mom said that she is embarrassed by his actions. She will fulfill her role as a parent. We will continue to grow as a community that sees and values the dignity of all people.

Leventhal: So I called Dr. Kron to ask him about why he thinks the hat is offensive to his community, in what way it violates school policy, and why an email to all parents was necessary. He didn’t pick up. I left a message, and Tucker, I haven’t heard back from him yet.

Tucker: Amazing. This was not a setup. I actually didn’t see that story coming. I’ve been writing all afternoon. I actually went to that school La Jolla County Day, and it was less expensive and more tolerant when I was a little kid there. Sad? Yeah sad to hear it. Rick Leventhal. Thanks so much.

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