Justice With Judge Jeanine 11/21/20 – Opening Statement

“For four years we listened to unsupported allegations of a conspiracy by a foreign government to interfere with our presidential election, that Russia stole the election of 2016, implanting their Russian asset Donald Trump as president of the United States. For four years we were told trump was a Putin puppet, a Russian asset, that we must do everything we can to get rid of him and save America.

Almost on a daily basis, the Democrat medieval minstrels in congress put on their conspiracy show as congressman like Adam Schiff pontificated about real evidence, evidence that he had seen with his own eyes. Evidence that required that Donald Trump be gone, because America and democracy were at stake.
Never ever not once did we see a scintilla of evidence. Never.

Were we supposed to take it all on faith? they put the president and the country through hell as the work of congress was halted and as the media every day reminded us we were getting closer and closer to the big Russian reveal of Russia collusion that fizzled much like Bob Mueller did when he showed up and testified. And then the medieval minstrels took another show down to the sub-basement of the Capitol where they regaled each other with fantasies of foreign interference in their medieval star chamber…”

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