Tucker Carlson 11-24-2020: They Voted for a Ghost With a Smile

On Tuesday’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson opines on the election results and what we can look forward to if/when Joe Biden is inaugurated. Grab onto your seats:

A question for you: What does Joe Biden believe? What are his plans for our country? It’s hard to comprehend this but we don’t know the answers to those basic questions. Somehow Joe Biden made it through an entire presidential campaign without telling us. A partisan press corps let him get away with it. That may be the single most dishonest thing that ever happened in American politics. You talk about election rigging, there you go.

They voted for a ghost with a smile. They had no idea who this man was or what he might do if he got elected. At the urging of the media, they voted for him anyway. Now the rest of us get to find out what they voted for.

Joe Biden is assembling his cabinet. We will go by his choices to let us know what to expect. it looks like an HR department in a liberal company. The rest of us will get stern lectures about our moral failings and a group of people will get richer…

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  1. Joe Z says:

    This country needs more than outrageously-overpaid proper gentlemen like Carlson implying that Trump will lose this election. I wrote him at Fox and basically told him he has become just another two-faced Fox fruit who is more concerned about his enormous bank account than the future of America.

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