Wikipedia Blacklists Newsmax Following Post-Election Popularity Boost

AFP/Lionel Bonaventure

by T. D. Adler

Newsmax has seen growing audiences at its online and televised news platforms since the disputed 2020 Presidential election amid President Donald Trump’s criticism of other conservative media coverage. After a Wikipedia editor suggested having the outlet treated as reliable, other editors responded by having Newsmax banned from use as a source for factual claims instead, partly citing its coverage of election fraud allegations, making it the latest conservative outlet banned on Wikipedia in an ongoing purge.

Audience growth for Newsmax accelerated this month as conservative media audiences turn against more establishment organs such as Fox News over their coverage of the disputed nature of the 2020 election. Fox and other establishment outlets called the election for former Vice President Joe Biden even as President Donald Trump’s campaign pursues legal challenges over alleged voting improprieties. Trump has responded by attacking Fox and encouraging a switch to Newsmax or One America News. As Newsmax seeks to capitalize on this interest, Fox reportedly has sought to stifle them by blacklisting guests who appear on the competitor. Read the rest at

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1 Response to Wikipedia Blacklists Newsmax Following Post-Election Popularity Boost

  1. The Flash says:

    I thought Wikipedia was supposed to be OPEN-sourced! This on-going censorship of conservative opinion and conservatives is getting a bit scary, especially when liberals control most of the media outlets. Has Wikipedia banned all references to conspiracy sites relating to the Kennedy assassination or 9/11? I think not, so this is clearly an effort at censorship relating to Trump. Liberals never care about the truth, only their narrative.

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