Don Jr – Tucker 11-08-20

On Tuesday’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker’s guest discusses the importance of the upcoming Georgia U.S. Senate run-off election. He then brought up the recently uncovered Communist China scandal involving congressman and former presidential candidate, Eric Swalwell (D, CA).

Partial Transcript: …In just a few weeks, two Senate races, special elections in the state of Georgia will decide which party controls the United States Senate and therefore the United States government. Already more than seventy one thousand people who did not vote in the general election last month, have requested mail-in ballots for the January 5th runoff. So how can we be certain this election is on the level, and what’s at stake? Donald Trump Jr. thinks a lot is at stake. He’s executive vice president of the Trump organization. He joins us tonight. Don, thanks so much for coming on. So to the first question: How can we be certain that this election is above suspicion in the way it’s conducted?

Well listen, first and foremost I think we have to pressure our legislatures, to make, to make sure that they’re actually watching these things. That they don’t allow this sort of craziness that has gone on all over the country to go on. Where people don’t actually have to follow the rule of law, they can adjust the laws. People who aren’t actually allowed to make laws are implementing new laws that people have to live by and then saying oh that’s too late, we got to figure this out. This kind of stuff is insanity and has to be pushed back on. We can’t allow it to happen. We can’t allow ourselves to lose the Senate. If you truly believe in Conservatism, if you believe in freedom, if you believe in individual rights, if you believe in the Second Amendment, we have to combat this nonsense, we have to win, we have to hold the Senate in Georgia…

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