Justice with Judge Jeanine – The Deep State 12-12-20

On last night’s edition of Justice with Judge Jeanine, Judge Pirro calls out the Bidens, the mainstream media and the Deep State. Partial transcript:

If you aren’t convinced there’s a Deep State after witnessing the antics of the mainstream media big tech and the Democrat party so determined to destroy President Trump and get him out of office and prop up Joe Biden to get him into office then come along with me.

They didn’t just steal the election from Donald Trump they stole it from all of you. There was a fraud in their inducement of all things Biden in order to con you. They conned you and they conned America. They wanted to win no matter what, win at all costs. You didn’t matter, you never mattered, because it was never about you, it was about power, their power, the kind of power that corrupts absolutely. People in office too long. So long they have a sense of entitlement. So convinced of their superiority, their supremacy, they justify to themselves and occasionally to us.

Like when Speaker Pelosi, in office for far too long, admits she held off getting you PPP money so that Donald Trump wouldn’t get credit. She was willing to have you suffer as she waited for Biden, because somehow she knew he would win in spite of the fact President Trump wanted to give those hurting two billion dollars. She would have none of it. She stole that from you.

The Deep State controlled the flow of information, the bad and the ugly about the Bidens as they made up information bad and ugly about the Trumps, they not only hid the dirt that many of us were telling you about, the Biden crime family, disgusting, ugly and treasonous, they made up lies and breathed never-ending life into them to destroy a president fighting for us, while the Bidens were on sale internationally to the highest bidder, including China.

We now know Hunter is being investigated not only for taxes but substantive crimes like money laundering fraud and racketeering. This investigation also involves Joe’s brother James, and reportedly a deeply immense international ongoing criminal investigation. Two of Hunter’s former partners have already been convicted of fraud and securities crimes one already in jail but the Deep State big tech and the Democrats and the mainstream media decided that you shouldn’t hear about any of this certainly not before the election…

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  1. The Flash says:

    So, what’s the answer? Armed conflict? Civil war? It’s starting to look like that might be the only way to stop this socialist juggernaut of DNC/MSM/Big Tech/Deep State. Everyone should remember, the ONLY real beneficiaries of socialism are those at the top of government.

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