Tucker: You Might Think Everything is Better Now

On Monday’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker sarcastically opines about Joe Biden’s speech earlier in the day and about now that Biden has been elected president, we can all rest easy – Papa Joe will take care of us. Hmm, somehow I remember another Papa Joe in world history. A brief excerpt:

…Just this Friday an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal pointed out that Joe Biden’s wife Dr. Jill Biden isn’t actually a real doctor. Sorry she’s not going to be treating your high blood pressure. Dr. Jill Biden has the very same degree as Dr Bill Cosby does, which is one degree from Dr. Pepper, but Joe Biden and his friends didn’t want to hear that. We’ll tell you how they’ve, how they’ve responded in just a moment. But before we do, we have some actual journalism to report tonight.

On Friday a reporter with this network, Peter Doocy, tried to get Joe Biden to address a factual issue. His son Hunter Biden is now under federal criminal investigation relating to tax fraud stemming from his business deals in China. So here’s how the conversation went. We had a problem with the sound bite so we’re going to summarize it for you and in fact quote directly from it.

“I am proud of my son,” said Joe Biden. If that sounds familiar there’s a reason, that’s the same rehearsed non-sequitur that the Biden-Harris transition team sent out in a press release last week…

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