Social Justice, Racial Equity, and the Coronavirus Vaccine

On Friday night’s program, Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker opened with a long, but necessary discussion of the coronavirus vaccines and how the bureaucrats are prioritizing its distribution. Scary:

…So it’s fair to have questions. You’re not a conspiracy nut for wanting answers. On the other hand, rushed development and a clumsy rollout do not fully explain many people’s reluctance to take this drug. The worry goes deeper than that. The concern isn’t simply the vaccine it’s the people in charge of the vaccine, and their basic moral rottenness.

Americans understand that many of our leaders really don’t care about them. They don’t care about human beings in general. They are ideologues; they’re religious fanatics, who worship their secular gods: money, power, wokeness. Whether their policies help or hurt individuals doesn’t seem of great interest to them. These are the people who removed police from poor neighborhoods because it made them feel less guilty about their own pampered lives, and their own ill-gotten wealth as a result of that decision. Many Americans died, including small children, but they kept doing it. They never apologized. Human suffering seemed irrelevant to them. It was the theory that mattered.

Unfortunately some of these very same people, the worst in our already unimpressive professional class,
are now in charge of the coronavirus vaccine and that should make you nervous. Tonight officials of the CDC are debating how to distribute the vaccine, who gets it first, on the basis of what criteria that decision will to some extent determine who lives and who dies…

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2 Responses to Social Justice, Racial Equity, and the Coronavirus Vaccine

  1. Joe Z says:

    I am not taking any vaccine. Trump better end up back in the White House in 2021 or we are ALL screwed.

  2. Johnny L. says:

    Its been over 50 years and LL Duche Fauci and Scarf Queen Burkes have not developed a vaccine for HIV/AIDS yet, yet billons spent on research. You know they don’t want to see President Trumps administration do it in one year!!! Look at the savings of money. Fauci and Burkes are a fraud as well as the Covid Cases, False positive PCR results, False CDC, FDA, WHO, Local government regulations. They have got most citizens brain washed and Hypnotized with lies. Wake up America. The Commies are here.

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