Life, Liberty and Levin: We’re Fighting a Two-Front War

On his Sunday night program Life, Liberty, and Levin, Mark had extensive discussions about China with two guests, former acting DNI chief and former ambassador to Germany, Rick Grenell, and Michael Pillsbury, Director of Chinese Strategy at the Hudson Institute. Before he brought on his guests, Levin had a very powerful monologue and epilogue which are featured in this clip. I will deal with the discussions on China in a later post. Below is the transcript of Mark’s epilogue:

Welcome back America. For four years, the Democrats and the media and their surrogates in academia and entertainment, did everything possible to reverse the course of the last election, where Donald Trump won without doubt, without question, without fraud. In fact we knew at 2:30 in the morning the next day, that he was President of the United States. And from that day forward the institutions of the left, whether it be in the FBI, the CIA and the media and elsewhere, tried to destroy him. The Democrat party wasted an enormous amount of this country’s time, and wasted an enormous amount of the President’s time as they tried to cripple him. And they hoped they would make it impossible for him to lead our republic. They failed, and they failed miserably.

But now I want to make something abundantly clear. This president has enormous successes, and still has enormous successes, but Joe Biden should be getting exactly the same treatment. Not just to be Even Steven, but because his policies, foreign and domestic, are a disaster for this country. Should he become president, should he appoint these minions, it’ll be a danger to this country as far as I am concerned. So that he and they deserve exactly the same treatment. Do I think the Republicans are up to it? No, but I know I am, and millions and millions of you are.

For the sake of the country, for the sake of the country, Joe Biden’s leftist policies, his appeasement policies, must fail. I want to wish you all a merry, merry Christmas and I’ll see you here next time, next year. Happy New Year and God bless you!

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