Anti-Racism Manifesto Creates Firestorm at Exclusive New York City School

by Dr. Susan Berry

Faculty members of the exclusive Dalton School in New York City have issued an eight-page anti-racism manifesto, the demands of which include sweeping changes in personnel, academic curriculum, and how black students are to be treated differently in discipline matters and assessing academic performance.

The document includes statements that direct all administrators, faculty, and parent volunteers to “undergo yearly anti-racist training,” and that demand all of Dalton’s administrators and staff produce “public anti-racism statements.” Read the rest HERE.

The New York Post very neatly bullet-pointed some of the wide-ranging faculty demands in their recent piece on the Dalton School.

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  1. Joe Z says:

    If you’re black or an Antifa or BLM member and you break store windows, steal merchandise and burn buildings down, you’re A-OK in crazy lefty land. If you wear a Trump shirt or support the president, well of course, you’re a racist. 1984 is here. And if scumbag Beijing Biden gets into the White House, the situation will become way way worse.

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