Biden: ‘One Horse Pony’ – Cognitive Assessment Necessary

In this short clip from Tuesday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker and his guest, Fox News contributor, Jesse Watters humorously discuss President-Elect Joe Biden’s recent interaction (lack of a better word) with fellow Fox News contributor, Steve Doocy:

Tucker: Uh, so Joe Biden obviously not the most articulate man in politics, but pretty good at insults. Earlier this year he told the New Hampshire voter she was a dog-faced pony soldier and he kept that equine theme alive when he attacked our own Peter Doocy this morning. Watch this: (plays clip) Now I know Biden’s from an earlier time, but the horse references kind of confused me. What’s a one-horse pony? Do you Know?

Jesse Watters: I can only guess that he was mixing metaphors. One Trick Pony. And Peter Doocy likes to beat a dead horse. Now until we see the official cognitive assessment done by Dr. Jill Biden, I don’t know what we’re going to make of this but I’m kidding. In all seriousness, doesn’t it make sense though tucker that, Tucker,
the Chinese invested in Joe? I mean he’s an easy mark we’re going to get into a summit with the Chinese, and Joe’s going to say ‘pony’ instead of ‘tariff,’ and we’re going to have surrendered the trade war. We’re not even going to know what happened.

Tucker: Every time I see Biden, I want to say ‘I’ve got three walnuts, there’s a glass bead under one of them. See if you can…’ (Laughter erupts) He’s such an easy mark.

The great Jesse Watters. Good to see you tonight.

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    Biden is a horses Ass-H@#$

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