Socially Distanced Reindeer

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2 Responses to Socially Distanced Reindeer

  1. Joe Z says:

    Recently I have shopped in Aldi, Walmart and Winn-Dixie (about nine visits) and have NOT worn a mask. No one gave me any trouble. Since those masks reduce oxygen intake by at least 20%, you can always tell the commies, if you’re harassed, that your doctor told you NOT to wear a mask. If they persist, you can ask them if they are doctors. The whole mask scam has been designed to see how much crap the gullible American public will take. Resistance to this mask-wearing lunacy has to start somewhere. Americans need to get some balls and say enough is enough. Oh, and merry Christmas (NOT happy holidays) to all.

  2. ll Duce Mussolini overtook Italy without a shot, without much resistance. Used his big mouth and fascist thinking to rule over the people of Italy. SOUND FAMILIAR. Mask not needed, mask needed, covid-19 test has false positive test results when amplified over 30 Cycles threshold and only use for screening. Well there all run at 40 CT at labcorp here in Florida. Mask only reduce risk of someone positive to spread spittle not to prevent you from breathing in spittle. AND THE DUMB ASSES WEAR BLACK ONES WHERE YOU CANT TELL IF THEY ARE DIRTY…GO FIGURE IT OUT. Mask wearing increases your risk of infection by 84% and not wearing a mask 14%.

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