Judge Jeanine 12-26-20 Opening Statement

In her Opening Statement on Saturday night’s version or Justice With Judge Jeanine, the judge slams Congress and other officials on the $600 stimulus fiasco showing special love for Speaker Pelosi and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).

They are a shameful lot a motley crew parading around as our representatives. Yet in truth, the epitome of people in it for themselves. I’m not the only one who feels this way. Congress’s approval rating has polled as low as seventeen percent this year. I’m surprised it’s even that high. Since this corona virus hit our shores, we’ve looked at Congress for action, yet they’re inaction, their feeble attempt to come out and look like they’re going to help us is as transparent and useless as they are. But this week topped even Nancy Pelosi’s shameless “I’m rich and you’re not” theater as she posed eating ice cream in front of her 24 thousand dollar refrigerator freezer claiming that her rows of thirteen dollar of pine chocolate ice cream was helping her deal with the pandemic…

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  1. Teresa Jadvick says:

    Fantastic oratory as always from this great judge, however, many of us are skeptical and concerned about any vaccine from any pharmaceutical company , especially considering that they have exempt themselves of any ensuing legal action should a person suffer contra indications, allergies, adverse reactions, latrogenic reaction ,( a reaction caused by multiple compounds of drugs interacting with each other) and therefor as much as I agree with everything the great judge says in her opening statement I think she has not understood that many of her audience viewers are wanting to hear that the vaccine will not be made mandatory .

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