Georgia Senate Run-off Elections and the Media Diversion

In this segment of Monday night’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker talks about Tuesday’s double Senate runoff election in Georgia and how the mainstream media is diverting peoples’ attention from it by focusing on President Donald Trump:

…Last year the biggest story in the world was getting almost no attention in our country. A terrifying new form of the coronavirus was spreading through central China, and from the very first moments of the outbreak, we’ll have more detail on this in just a minute, it was clear to many scientists, that that virus may have been engineered by the Chinese government and escaped from a lab in Wuhan.

Now if that happened, it would be hugely significant and have tremendous implications for all of us. Yet for a variety of reasons the people in charge of this country didn’t want to talk about it. They preferred to change the subject so, instead they told us that the biggest thing on earth happening on January 4th 2020, was the impeachment of Donald Trump, and nothing was more important than removing him from office, by force if necessary.

Trump’s world historic crime, you may remember, was a 30-minute long phone call he’d had with the foreign leader. In that call Trump suggested there might be something corrupt about Joe Biden’s son making 40 grand a month from the Ukrainian energy company despite having no relevant work history in either Ukraine or the energy business, and for saying that they told us Trump needed to be taken from the White House. Well a year later, and this is the interesting part, they’re saying pretty much the same thing. They’re telling us that Donald Trump must be impeached over a phone call that was tape recorded.

The call they’re mad about this time, took place over the weekend. The president spoke by telephone to the secretary of state of Georgia for about an hour. They talked about vote counting in Georgia. The president, as you may have heard, believes the election was stolen from him. Georgia’s secretary of state, whose job it is to oversee elections, disagrees. You can listen to the call yourself, it’s online. You can make up your own mind about who’s right on that question. By the way if you have time you ought to do that, it’s interesting.

But no matter what you conclude about vote counting in Georgia, we are willing to bet that you won’t decide Donald Trump’s latest phone call is the single most important thing happening in the world right now, probably not even close, and yet CNN is claiming that it is. Why are they doing that? That’s a good question and worth pondering. Maybe they’re trying to divert your attention again, but divert it from what?

Well here’s one guess. Tomorrow as we told you, there are two U. S. Senate elections in Georgia, and the outcome of those races will determine who controls the entire U.S. government. If Democrats win both races, and at this point that is entirely possible according to the polls, it’s likely if that happens, the Democratic Party will run everything, everything in Washington from top to bottom, and they will be able to do whatever they want. It’s hard to remember the last time that more power was at stake in a single day, and if you thought about that long enough you might decide to get involved…

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