Dan Bongino on Hannity: Violence at the Capitol

Author, Fox News contributor, former NYPD detective and former White House Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino, Opuns on yesterdays violence at the Capitol on Hanity:

Just a few thoughts on, on today. And this is probably the toughest appearance I’ve ever had on the network. Listen we, we can’t ever, ever normalize political violence. Ever. You know there’s a famous quote by Ellis, that civilization is a thin crust on a volcano. Well what is that thin crust made of right? Well it’s made of law, order, the Constitution, and rules that apply to everyone. But Sean, the rules don’t apply to everyone. Whereas people on this network and me, today have said. Listen, what happened today was not normal, and should not be accepted, and should be called out. And we have period, full stop. What we can’t get into, is let the left intimidate us and say, well bringing up how we got here, is what-about ism. No it isn’t what-about ism.

You know what? It is, it’s asking you about principles, that apply to both sides and I ask you to do an ideological litmus test. If you’re one of those people in the media saying don’t you dare bring up Antifa and BLM, who I was accosted by outside of the White House, and they did nothing the DC police, to help me and my wife, as they were threatening to rape my wife, literally.

I ask you to do a simple a simple test here: There was a courthouse in Portland that was under assault. For over a month was bombed nightly by a group that associates with the Left. Not that long ago. Do you think that would have been allowed to happen if it were a group of, God forbid, Conservatives or Libertarians? You damn well know the answer is no. Those people would have been arrested and tried immediately. Why, why is that, why was that allowed to continue for a month? And the answer is, Sean, because there isn’t one guiding set of principles in this country. There were one rule for the left then the media and another set of rules from Conservatives who call out violence…

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  1. Alan Reasin says:

    When I saw some so called protesters wearing helmets, I knew there was going to be serious problems.

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