Out With the Old, In With the Same Old


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  1. Joe Z says:

    For the past 50 years I voted in every election I could. I believed in America. Today, I seriously doubt whether I will ever vote in any election ever again. It appears that the DemocRAT Chinese Communist Party has prevailed. It could very well be that this once great nation is lost forever. Yes, the great Trump fu**ed this up beyond belief. He hired one anti-Trump rat after another and the biggest rat of all…Pence. I’m sure we can thank Jared Kushner and Queen Ivanka for some of those idiotic decisions. And the RINO-Republicrats used yesterday’s outburst (infiltrated with Antifa scum) to sell out America yet again. Hey Trump, when you say you are going to drain the swamp, you have to go all the way. Playing patty-cake with communists DOES NOT WORK.

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